Salentino or Salentina ???

Salento or Salento ???
Gwendolyn!!! networks!
THE ONLINE TERRITORIAL TOURISM PROMOTION SYSTEM A SPECIALIZED RESERVATION BOOKING ON WHICH WE HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR TWO YEARS! AND NOT JUST FOR SALENTO. THERE ARE MANY LANDS THAT WE KNOW ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB HERE IN ENGLAND, WHERE IN A CRAZY STORY THAT STARTED SERIOUSLY, WE FOUND HAD TO FACE CLANDESTINITY, A COSTLY SITUATION, BUT WE DID NOT ENJOY JUST DOING 7000 STORIES and 500 LIVE WITHOUT COPIES! REVOLUTIONS DON’T END ELECTIONS THOSE PASS AND USUALLY NOTHING CHANGES IF NOT A; INTEREST FOR TWO MONTHS OF ELECTION CAMPAIGN, LIFE IS A SERIOUS THING AS CLANDESTINITY CAN BE AN OPPORTUNITY, IN THE END IT WENT WELL, HOLY BE THE QUEEN! PerLa and PerLe because here, no one is a Pirla to the max we can be Pirlo but if we are MaraDona. However, Venus then arrived in an error discussed by half the planet, but today thanks to what I have studied in this international “Big Brother”, I believe that all the agencies in the world can come seriously, whether they are Tourism Marketing or other . I preferred to keep silence. On the Open To Wonder issue but now it’s time to tell the truth. Those who underestimated will regret it. In particular the Politics that does not like the growth of the territories, of tourism and the related industries that follow, therefore, honor to those who work there in tourism workers, and a big wish to all the Entrepreneurs who carry on the work with great sacrifice , my goals are different , they have always been different , I probably do not know , I prefer not to express myself . The answers will be given to me by whoever has to give them to me. In any case I am not superior , it is the Superior Women . I discovered this thing that Humanity did not know. For now I’m staying in Salento OxfordShiRe. then we will see maybe we will go to Salento Salento, Salento Colombia, Salento Cilento, and probably Pippo and PippOne have found Salento Japan. On this trip, life has taught me to value everything, the foreigner, the many friends who obviously weren’t all friends but this was known, what can you expect from a friend if you have 5000, the selection to carry on a project as this is necessary, we start from Salento which is Everyone’s World, to get to the rest. I have nothing to reproach myself in life except for having always trusted so many people that in the end it is useless to trust so many. A few right confidants are enough. I’ve chosen Women for two years and Women don’t do any damage, they gave me that energy for what I imagined. All the rest doesn’t interest me, except for growth, development and seasonal adjustment, if the brands don’t make themselves known on the web, on social media, you’ll only waste time arguing and commenting, I’ve never considered myself belonging to any political party or religion, I only have one Mission My religion is called respect.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL BUT ESPECIALLY GOOD JOB TO THOSE WHO WORK THERE TO OFFER HOSPITALITY; WHETHER ENTREPRENEUR OR EMPLOYEE, ALL PEOPLE WHO WORK AND WITHOUT THEM WE COULDN’T GROW. TO THOSE WHO UNDERVALUED GIVE US WISHES EVEN BUT DIFFERENTLY. HYPOCRISY, EGOISM, NEVER BELONG TO ME THEY HAVE BEEN PART OF ME. I LEAVE THESE VALUES TO THOSE WHO ARE. I WILL HAVE BEEN A FOOL TO KEEP DOING GOOD FOR THE TERRITORY, MY TERRITORY, BUT TIME WILL GIVE US RIGHT OR NOT. Only we are the masters of our choices, I believed it as always and I thank all the women who listened and understood very well what I intended to do. I apologize for the delay but we are still in May! So I’m leaving, whoever wants to leave with us we thank you, whoever thinks; we don’t need to be superior. To be superior you have to believe it, and they believed it. The Good Women.


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